If you've ever been in our shop you may have heard us refer to some unique knitting techniques. Many patterns that we sell and recommend may use these techniques that all knitters might not be familiar with. Here we have some video links to directions that we feel might be helpful. Be sure and give these a try - they will help to bring your work to the next level. 

Braided Join - a great way to join yarns in the middle of a row. 

Clip & Turn or Japanese Short Row Shaping - used in many Churchmouse and Coco Knits Patterns.

Double Knitting Cast On - So fun once you get it - we use it on the Trapper Cowl & Falling Stars.

Double Knot by Jane Richmond

Foundation Single Crochet - A great base for beginning crochet projects that will be joined in the round.

Intarsia ~ Knitting a picture into the middle of a background. Can be messy, but rewarding.

Jogless Stripes - For neat and tidy transitions.

Kitchner Stitch Grafting - Just dive on it - it's worth it. 

Knitters Graph Paper - a handy link for graphing your own charts.

Long Tail Cast On - The one we teach in our classes.

Mobius Cast On - Cat Bordhi's own. 

Provisional Cast On - Crochet Hook over Needle Method - Our Favorite.